ASANC - The Association of Self-Advocates of North Carolina
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About Us
The Association of Self-Advocates of North Carolina

History and Overview

In 1987, a group of self-advocates and professionals interested in supporting self-advocacy began meeting. The self-advocates of this group continued meeting together, without the professionals, in an effort to make their voices heard. Out of this group, the Association of Self-Advocates of North Carolina (ASANC) formed, becoming incorporated in 1995 and established as a non-profit in 2000. We are a statewide advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities.
ASANC is about bringing the concepts of self-advocacy together with the self-determination of its members to help people with developmental disabilities to take responsibility for their lives, and bring about change towards full inclusion in society.

Self-advocacy is the ability to advocate for one's rights of equality and freedom. It involves recognizing the specific needs of one's developmental disability and determining how an individual wants to live independently, make personal choices and live in their community, without compromising the dignity of oneself or others. People with self-determination know about their strengths, likes, and dislikes, set goals to achieve, make their own decisions, and are in control of their successes. They respect themselves and others, believe they have and can make choices, take ownership for their actions, develop a network for achieving their goals and assume responsibility for their roles in society.

Mission Statement

As a state organization, Association of Self-Advocates of North Carolina Inc. is committed to providing services to enable, educate, encourage, and empower people in the community.

We ENABLE people to become more independent and empowered to make their own decisions.

We EDUCATE the community, government leaders, families, guardians and service providers about self-advocacy and the ABILITIES of people with disabilities.

We ENCOURAGE and empower people with disabilities to take responsibility for their lives, to help bring about change, and to strive for equality, acceptance and full inclusion in society.

ASANC Board:

Board of Directors:

Christopher Smith President (Raleigh)
OPEN Vice President  
Zack Commander Treasurer (Elizabeth City)
OPEN Secretary  

ASANC Board Members [at-large] 2 year terms:

William Thomas (Jamestown)  
Terry Dupree (Raleigh)  

ASANC • 7650 Pangea Lane • #300 • Raleigh, North Carolina 27616 • 919-449-7969